SILENCED: The Forgotten Boys Book One (Mafia MF)

Series: The Forgotten Boys (Mafia MF) #1
Genre: Mafia MF

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A Hades and Persephone modern day retelling


I sit on a throne of sins. 

Silent in the shadows, untouchable like the King of the Underworld himself.

Few even know the sound of my voice, but those who fear me call me Monster. My men just call me Pakhan.

To her, I am Nikolai. 

Her savior. Her captor. Her lover. 

With hair as bright as the sun, a face that could sink a thousand ships, and more curves than I can handle, Cassiopeia. Is. Everything. 

But she’s in danger. 

And safety comes with a price tag. 

She can fight that, can even fight me, but I’m her Hades and I won’t let my Persephone go…


Coming June 2023

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