Nyx (MC MF)


He’s dark.



A brother in my dad's MC.

Everything Mom told me to avoid.

Everything I shouldn’t want.

But his dark, his dirty, and his dangerous are like catnip to me.

He stirs fear into the hearts of men, but I hear his rage. I feel it like it’s my own.

He’s a killer. Shameless. Some might even call him a psycho.

I just call him soul mate.

We were born to raise hell together, born to make sick b*stards pay for their sins, born to be the king and queen of darkness…

Now, the king just needs to get that memo.

Link (MC MF)


He’s rough.

He’s ready.

I’m neither.

I’m a sacrificial lamb just waiting to be slaughtered.

A socialite spawned by a sadist whose life’s work is to cause misery in others.

My life is a prison cell, until he helps me find the key.

He’s not as dark or as dirty as they say he is.

His roughness stirs something in me.

Something primal.

Something no socialite should crave.

He’s a brother in an MC, a world that should be alien to me but somehow, it’s my first real home. It has rules and regulations that make no sense to me, but one thing is clear:

Society princesses and MC brothers aren’t a match made in heaven.

But I’m fine with ruling over hell instead…

Sin (MC MF)


He’s a manwhore.

The first time I see him, he’s wiping another woman’s juices off his mouth.

He should repel me.

Instead, he’s a challenge. A game I want to win.

It starts off as just sex. What else would he be good for?

But we both catch feelings.

Then, somehow, the sex becomes something more.

And then I lose everything.

I’m toppled from my ‘society princess’ throne as my family is torn to shreds. My socialite circle abandons me. I’m lost, alone, but my dark knight doesn’t forsake me in my hour of need.

I never believed in soul mates.

Not until him.

Not until he rode into my life; blood on his fists, rage in his eyes, and vengeance in his heart.

I never knew my Prince Charming would ride a hog.

I’ll take that over a castle any day…

Steel (MC MF)


He was my first crush.

My first love.

But he broke my heart.

He tore us apart so brutally that an ocean, never mind a state line, wasn’t enough distance between us.

But for all he ruined me, I still love him.

Despite the women and the lies, it never died, but that didn’t mean I’d take his BS and roll over for him…

Some people are destined to find danger wherever they go…

When disaster strikes, he’s the first person I think of. I know he’ll save me. I know, despite everything, despite the arguments and the bitterness, he’ll find me.

I just never imagined that my being in danger would be what broke him.

But the road to redemption is long.

He’ll have to work hard to make me his.

Let the fun begin…

Cruz (MC MF)


He was forbidden fruit.

A brother in the MC that I thought I’d escaped a long time ago.

His ties are deadly, dangerous, and I’m so past that kind of life. But I don’t just want him. I need him.

He’s addictive.

When he demands, I don’t throat punch him. I drop to my knees like I would for no other man.

He celebrates my strength, has my back, and makes me willing to fight a past that has haunted me since childhood.

He makes me want more. Makes me reconsider becoming a part of the Sinners again, just to reign at his side.

But I’m already tainted. I’ve shed blood, and now there’s no going back…

Only difference is… I’m not scared anymore.

Maverick (MC MF)

Alessa (Ghost)

Maverick’s in love with a dead man buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where his heart might as well be buried too. My husband’s stuck in the past, lost in his fractured mind, and the last ten years are a blur to him, meaning I’m a blur to him.

But I’m not a ghost. I’m a woman. I’m alive. I breathe. I hurt.

Should I let go or hold on?

My instinct is to let go, but I have family now. People who matter to me. A posse I’ll kill for.

I’m no longer nothing, I’m something.

I’m a Sinner.

And I’ve found my ride and die… now I just have to get him to remember me.


I’ve beaten worse odds and survived.

Game on, Maverick. Game on.

Hawk (MC)


To the rest of the world, I'm broken.


But when he looks at me, I know what he sees.

A woman, not a doll.

A fighter, not a victim.

A survivor.

Maybe, he sees underneath that.

Maybe, just maybe, he sees what I was always born to be—a predator.

They took my innocence from me. They stole my adolescence.

Now I'm going to reap upon them what they sowed in me.

This woman hasn't just been scorned... but the hell I'll rain down upon them will look like child's play.

He's a Sinner, by nature and by vow, but will he take this journey into the depths of depravity with me?

Will his brothers?

Stick around for the ride—we'll find out if he's man enough for the job.

Storm (MC MF)


You hate me.

I deserve it.

The day I betrayed the love of my life was the day I lived up to every messed-up thing my haters say about me.

But I’m tired of feeling like a POS.

I’m tired of being broken.

I’m tired of life not being worth living.

It’s time now to make amends, and to earn my woman’s love back.

To be the father my kid deserves, the Old Man I should always have been.

Join me for the ride as I become worthy of my family.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise you.

This book deals with infidelity. If this is a trigger for you, but you love A Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC series, please be assured, that this is the ONLY book that can be skipped in the reading order.

A Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC Boxset (MC MF)

The only place you’ll ever learn Nyx’s real name within an exclusive never-before-published novella.

They're dark.

They're dirty.

They're Sinners.

They'll kneel for no man, but for their Queens? Just try and stop them.

These brothers will ride into hell itself to keep their women safe, so stick around for the ride and devour NYX, LINK, SIN, STEEL, and CRUZ, and meet a brotherhood like no other.

This is a FIVE book collection with over nineteen-hundred droolworthy pages of bikers you'll wish were yours.

Rex (MC MF)

Rachel always thought I was wasting my life on the Sinners, but being Prez is all I’ve ever wanted to be.
When she tore us apart on her journey to become someone, I let her go.
I made sacrifices for her, because I knew why she had to prove herself.
I just didn't realize that'd involve freezing me out for years.
Now, she’s the best criminal attorney in the Tri-State Area, and I’m still Prez—only my world is falling apart.
The MC is under scrutiny, our dirty secrets are being laundered in the public eye, and some of my brothers could be facing jail time.
Only one woman can stop that from happening.
She'll fight for my brothers, but will she fight for us?

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