Rachel (MC MF)

It took a death for me to realize a hard truth:
I'm not just the Sinners' lawyer.
They're not just clients.
They're family.
But my family is broken, torn apart by politics and dangerous factions who want to control us.
It's no longer enough to stick to the sidelines. It's not enough to be the face of the law amid the MC.
It's time to ascend.
Rex needs his First Lady.
It's time to rain hell.

Filthy Sinner (MC / Mafia MF)

When my father tries to force me to marry one of his cronies, I run away to my half-brother's home.

He's the black sheep of the family, a biker, not an Irish mobster. At the Satan's Sinners' MC compound, I find more than I bargained for.

Not my brother, ironically, but a man who gives a whole other meaning to 'white knight.'

He's dark and mysterious, a seeker of answers and a finder of truths.

Even better? He offers me an out, a shotgun wedding in Vegas.

I just don’t realize he has an ulterior motive.

But he doesn’t know I have one too…

She’s a Five Points, he’s a Sinner, and to protect his MC brother’s sister, he is willing to say I do. Read Mary Cat and Digger’s story in a dark marriage of convenience, mafia/MC hybrid romance.

Lodestar (MC / Mafia MF)


She's difficult.
A sister in our allied MC.

My da would have told me to avoid a woman like her, but she shot him before he had the chance.
Lodestar stirs fear into the hearts of the Elite. (xoxo)
Now I'm scared.
For her.

She's not only ghosted me, but her daughter too.
If she's gone dark, I'll hunt her down.
This Fecker isn't about to lose his soul mate.

This is an omnibus of the 'Filthy Feck' duet - it includes a never-before-published novella!

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