Lodestar (MC / Mafia MF)

Series: A Dark & Dirty Sinners' MC Series (MC MF) #11, Five Points Mob Collection (Mafia MF) #11
Release Date: 12/21/2023
Genre: Mafia MF, Motorcycle Club MF

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She's difficult.
A sister in our allied MC.

My da would have told me to avoid a woman like her, but she shot him before he had the chance.
Lodestar stirs fear into the hearts of the Elite. (xoxo)
Now I'm scared.
For her.

She's not only ghosted me, but her daughter too.
If she's gone dark, I'll hunt her down.
This Fecker isn't about to lose his soul mate.

This is an omnibus of the 'Filthy Feck' duet - it includes a never-before-published novella!

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